Which parts of the body are declining with age?

What is age? How is it growing? What type of changes is occurring? What is the influence of these changes on the body? Which parts of the body are declining with age? Answers of the questions and many more are in this article.

Age, a word that is important for everyone. Everyone has significant concern with it. Relating to human beings, age is the time how much humans lived on this Earth. As time passes, human nature is growing old. Due to this, various changes are occurring in the human body and environment relating to him. These changes are affecting the lifestyle of humans. As the human is growing, humans priorities are changing, people focusing on the material are changing, their daily routine is changing.

Besides all these fluctuations, a prominent fall in the body occurs physically. These body changes include changes in:

  • Bones and Muscles
  • Metal Health
  • Cardiovascular system (Heart)
  • Digestive system
  • Lungs and breathing system
  • Fat gain and loose
  • Skin
  • Eyesight
  • Hearing
  • White Hair or hair loss
  • Face
  • Teeth
  • Sexuality When the age is above 40, abnormality starts to occur in the organs mentioned above of the body. These issues or defects are the fate of the body and are happening with all human beings from the start day of Earth. Let’s discuss all these one by one.
  • Ø Bones and Muscles:

With age, bones start to shrink. The blood calcium amount reduces significantly, making the bones brittle and porous. Brittleness increases the risk of breakage on a single wrench. This disease called osteoporosis. Bones’ weight and density reduce, especially in women after menopause. The posture of backbone changes due to a reduction in the density of bones. Fluids in joints reduce, which increases the friction between the joints causing increment in joint pain, inflammation, and reduction in joints mobility. The narrowness of the shoulder occurs and neck tilt. Walking speed reduces to a great extent. Having less energy, they do work less but tired more.

  • Bending of backbone:

Backbone consist of small bones called vertebrae; inside, there is a spinal cord. Between two vertebrae, there are gel-like materials full of mineral content that act as a cushion in vertebrae. With the growing age, this gel-like material reduces making vertebrae thinner indirectly, causing shortness in length of backbone or trunk. Due to this shortness, the spinal cord bent forward, making the bent backbone of old age people.

  • Ø Mental health:

Mental disorders, also known as neurological disorders. Dementia a significant neurological disease in old age people. It is a substantial decrease in thinking, memory loss, change in behavior, and reduction of inability to do everyday work. These disorders are mostly due to less social life, loneliness. Depression also a significant health issue in older people.

  • Ø Cardiovascular diseases:
Bacon burger half open with cheese meat and french fries
Food that infamous to worse cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular disease is a disease related to the heart. Older people are the more significant victim of heart problems. Stiffening of arteries occurs called arteriosclerosis, which is the primary cause of high blood pressure. With the growing age, plaques of fat formed in arteries causing blockage and hence high blood pressure. Coronary arteries supply blood to the heart, and with age, plaques of fat forms in coronary arteries limit blood flow to heart muscles. Blood flow contains minerals, and oxygen and inadequate supply of these minerals promote weakness of heart muscles. Hence, weakness results in a primary disease called a Heart attack, a significant cause of death in old age people. Valves of the heart a gate to heart also become stiff and hard with age resulting in a heart attack.

  • Ø Digestive system:

Constipation a prime disease related to older adults. The primary reason is not a proper workout for food to be digest and less intake of water and other healthy drinks. Older adults are suffering from various diseases at one time, so medications of these diseases also cause constipation.

Another reason is that food moves through the intestine by contraction mechanism of intestine valves. With the growing age, the working mechanism of intestine muscles reduces and hence food being less digested. Less digested food absorbs more water, and if water intake is less, then food fulfills its requirements of water from other fluids of the body hence causing constipation.

  • Ø Lungs and breathing system:

The function of the lung is to inhale oxygen through the air and exhale carbon dioxide. During inhalation, tiny air sacs become filled with air, walls of air sacs contain blood capillaries; hence, in other words, blood capillaries absorb oxygen. During exhalation, CO2 moves out, but in old age people inhalation mechanism is running correctly, but exhalation didn’t, causing an excess of carbon dioxide in the blood leads to many other diseases. Another breathing problem is that at a younger age when breath in or breath out ribs expand as air sacs in lungs do. But with older age, as bones density and weight reduces, resulting in shrinks and stiffness in bones, ribs bone expansion potential reduces to a large extent.

  • Ø Weight gain and loose:

Weight gain or loose is relatable to fats production or declination. With growing age as there is less energy in the body, so can’t do exercise or typical day resulting in weight gain. An increase in weight or fat content in the body is not just as belly fat, fat plaques that block the arteries and vein also increases. Hence leading to many more diseases just only due to fats.

  • Ø Skin:
Change in the body while getting old
Skin getting dry with the aging process

With growing age, skin becomes more fragile and less elastic. Fatty tissues below the surface reduce. Readily cut or any injury will occur. With age, oil tissues in skin didn’t work correctly hence causing dryness and wrinkles formation in the skin.

  • Ø Eyesight:

With growing age, it will be challenging to focus on near objects. The focus point of the eye increases up to 500cm, so if anything is close to eye almost at 200cm older people can’t see that. So to resolve this issue, they have to wear glasses. Another primary disease in older adults is cataracts in which cloud type white layer is formed on the lens of eye causes blurred vision or clouded vision. One more eye issue is that most older people have watery eyes, or it seems they are crying all the time. Watery eyes are because of older people’s eyes dry in a few seconds; the body senses that eyes are dry, so it starts to produce tears. This disease is called dry eye syndrome.

  • Ø Hearing:

Hearing loss a major problem of old age people. Reduction in-ear hairs that direct the noise signals to the part of the ear also a significant cause of hearing loss. Parts of the ear contain muscles and bones, and with growing age, these bones don’t have enough stamina to catch noise signals and then redirect to the brain to detect that signal and understand. Stimuli, which are acting as a postman to pick the message from the last part of the ear and then take it to the brain, works slowly with passing age. The brain, at the end, also responsible for not detect what type of voice is. So all these parts contribute to hearing problems.

  • Ø White hair or hair loss:

Our hair follicle consists of the number of pigments; these pigments combine to form a chemical called Melanin. This melanin is responsible for black, brown, blonde, and red color. With growing age, these pigments reduced in number, and our hair starts to turn gray silver and then white.

The hair loss process occurs mostly with every older person. It can be due to hormonal changes, medication, or other diseases or even can be due to heredity.

  • Ø Face:

The appearance of face changes gradually with age. Jaw bone mass reduces making forehead, mouth, and nose prominent in the whole front. Neck also changes slowly with age. Wrinkles appeared due to the loss of fat beneath the skin, making skin more fragile.

  • Ø Teeth:

Misconception about teeth is made that when you grow old, your teeth fate is to fall. But the reality is not this; if you take care of your teeth, it will last a lifetime. The nerves behind the teeth which are connected with the brain become weak and do not work correctly owing to reason teeth become less sensitive to cavities and other significant issues. So cavities damage teeth, and in return, they fall. But if proper care should be taken, no cavities will form hence no falling of teeth.

  • Ø Sexuality:

Sexual changes in the way that older adults didn’t find any type of charm during sex as younger ones. All this due to hormonal changes.

Regular checkups can minimize all these issues or problems from the doctor. Although these problems can’t be demolished but precautionary measures should be taken.

Precautions like

not taking excess food to reduces the issue of weight gain water intake should be more for digestive and other purposes workout should be done to stay healthy

Not stick yourself to bed only instead do some daily routine households so your remains active

Have a happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise life.