How a man dresses up it’s important? – My tips

How a man dresses up for his social life as well as his career.

It was a time when it comes to how a man dresses up the general assumption is that there is not much to talk about. This time is over, men’s clothing business is growing up every year. How a man dresses up is vital for his social and personal life as well as his career. Here are some of my tips.

Focus on Fit that is the best tip to follow.
Fit is an essential factor when it comes to clothing. When your clothes don’t fit you properly, they throw off your body proportions. Because of the excess fabric of your clothes, you not only look sloppy, but fatter and shorter than you actually are. Try this Quiz! 

A lot of times men wear clothes that are too big for them because they feel more comfortable in them or they simply just don’t know how clothes are supposed to fit them in the first place.

People who always look good are found to pay attention to wearing clothes that fit them properly. This will surely solve 90 percent of your style problems. If you think you need a suit to look stylish, then you are wrong. Even in a simple leather jacket and jeans, it can look good as long as that fits you right (photo).

Man dress up with jeans and jeans jacket fit him well

Wearing nice clothes make you feel nice.
And did you know that your personal feelings can also get a little affected by what you wear? Well, according to some psychological assessment wearing good clothes will make you feel good about yourself or confident which is true.

For example, if someone is well dressed and looks good, then other people regard positive attributes with that person. For instance, we assume that a person who dresses neatly knows how to prioritize his life is trustworthy and well disciplined.

Pay Attention to the Details.
If you really want to receive compliments, then pay attention to the finer details. Even if you wear a plain suit or a blazer, you can get compliments on your choice of a pocket square or your tie bar. Though they are little things that you may think are not necessary, but these little elements have a tendency to round out a man’s look that can set him apart from the crowd.

How a man dresses up for a job interview.
Even if you are talented and skilled but go to an interview while wearing inappropriate or informal clothes, whatever the reason you have behind wearing them, you will surely get rejected. Choose clothes wisely that will fit.

A big tip to remember is “Fit”, whatever you will wear it need to fit. Also, women pay very close attention to what men wear. Dressing improperly can affect not only your career but also your social and love life.
So, this means you have to dress up and act according to what society expects from you. For a personal life-coaching click below. 


“Remember that I personally lived before and after a makeover, it changed my life, both sentimentally and professionally. Most of us including women we have the opportunity to beautify ourselves by any means. My only regret is to have waited so long to get a makeover. Don’t make this mistake.”