How to cure diabetes naturally 

Diabetes, categorized by the elevation of blood glucose or sugar levels, is a metabolic disease. It leads to serious damage to kidneys, eyes, heart, nerves, and blood vessels over time. However, there is a natural way to reverse diabetes.

  • Can diabetes be cured naturally?
  • How you can lower your blood sugar level?
  • How to cure diabetes naturally without medication?

Diabetes is a rising pandemic. As per the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) research, in America, from 1980 to 2010, the adults aged 18 and above tripled with a diabetes diagnosis. The figure raised from 5.5 million to 20.7 million.

The disease did not slow down and affected 25.8 million people in the world in 2011. There are about 422 million people all over the world who have diabetes, mostly in middle and low-income countries. Each year, around 1.6 million people die due to diabetes.

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What Causes Diabetes?

Other than high sugar intake, there are also other reasons for the development of diabetes. These include

  • Excessive consumption of coffee (even without sugar)
  • Skipping breakfast
  • Losing sleep
  • Dehydration
  • Gum disease
  • Nose spray (some contain a chemical that triggers the liver to make more sugar)
  • Dawn phenomenon (due to hormone surge in early morning, the sugar level spike in people with diabetes)

For people living with diabetes, it is a critical survival need to access affordable treatment like insulin.

How Diabetes Damages Health?

Any type of diabetes can cause complications in various body parts—also, the risk of premature death increases due to diabetes.

  • Common complications include nerve damage, vision loss, leg amputation, and kidney failure.

  • The threat of heart strokes and attacks increases to 2-3 times in adults.

  • Poorly controlled diabetes during pregnancy lead to fetal death and many other complications for mother and newborn as well. These symptoms are diagnosed in millions of cases across the globe.

  • About 3 percent of worldwide blindness attributes to diabetic retinopathy. It occurs due to accumulated long-term damage to the blood vessels in the retina.

  • A leading cause of kidney failure is also diabetes.

  • Diabetes cause reduced blood flow in the foot that causes damage to the nerve, which then leads to foot infections, ulcers, and other complications. These lead to life-long and severe health issues.

  • In the worst cases, limb amputation becomes necessary for the patient.

How To Reverse Glycemic Level In Blood Naturally?

My first FREE tip is Phycocyanin, what is it? It is the active component and the most powerful ingredient of spirulina. 

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Many peoples know spirulina as a superfood because of the protein and nutrients that it contains. Few know that phycocyanin can lower blood sugar levels. That is not the cure, but it will slowly help your system to regain control.

I recommend you to choose wisely the spirulina, make sure that the brand you pick did toxicity control on their production. Now in Europe, there are 2 companies that harvest spirulina inside glass pipe in order to avoid outside contamination. Because spirulina acts like a sponge and attracts all kind of pollutants. 

Yes, spirulina is also known as detoxifying the body. In the same time, spirulina it’s not recommended to people have high ferritin level. 

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If you, any of your family or a friend is suffering from diabetes, then there is a piece of good news for you. Watch the video.  


(disclaimer) Taking spirulina to help lower blood sugar levels, it’s not meant to replace your insulin treatment. Never stop the medication that your doctor gave you. Ask your physician about spirulina is good for you or not.

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