How to master your emotions?

How to control back your emotions – 3 natural remedies combined 

If suddenly you struggle on how to master your emotions, this post is for you. I meet a doctor that changed my life. Thank’s to him I can control my emotions as normal again. Let me explain to you how.

Why suddenly I could not master my emotions?

Anxiety, sadness, fear, oversensitive in the way you can’t imagine.

I was in such bad condition, I did not understand what was happening to me and In addition as a man it questioned my virility. A male is supposed to be strong and fearless, not feel sad at the slightest bad news as if I were a little girl.

I could no longer watch a film with a sad scene or even the TV news because I could not handle crimes, death, war, blood, etc. And I had to lie to the person who was with me at the cinema to leave in the middle of the film. Lie to avoid passing for a wimp. So I had to put my social life on hold.

The treatment that give me back to control my emotions.

The combination of the 3 kinds of alternative medicine turns out to be the perfect cure. 

Known to be an ancestral Chinese medicine.

In the middle of a polemic of pros and cons on its effectiveness.

Bach flowers
An extreme dilution of flower Invented by Dr. Edward Bach

Bach Flowers and Homeopathy were prescribed to me for a period of 3 months. Take 3 times a day. Acupuncture was 3 sessions per week for 1 month.

Outcome and signs to back to master my emotions again

By the first week I already had results, I started to felt better. In 1 and a half months I recover 80% of controlling my emotions. It was incredible, I watched the news on TV, without any sign of weakness or fear! After the 3 months, I was cured. What a release, I was enjoying watching all the kind of movies, my life was normal again. I could master my emotions again.

Who’s the doctor?

These “treatment” had been given to me by Doctor Michel Tourrasse. Unfortunately, Mr Tourrasse is living in France. Except if you are lucky enough to go to Marseille, it will be impossible for most readers to meet him. 

But at least you know that the combination of the 3 “remedies” can give you back the control of your emotions.

I must clarify that Doctor Tourrasse is not aware of this article and nobody mandated me. Anyway, his cabinet is always full of patient, he really doesn’t need publicity.


Deep down, I think that homeopathy and Bach flowers could be enough. If you can’t find a doctor that master acupuncture.

Most of the time doctors are too easy to prescribe drugs, that contain such bad side effects. Without care about the damage that could occur for our health. 

I wanted to share this experience so you can also find a doctor who promotes alternative medicine before deciding to give chemical drugs. I hope that you can find in your city such a good doctor. Look for a real doctor, beware of impostors claiming to be healers.

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“Remember that I personally lived before and after a makeover, it changed my life, both sentimentally and professionally. Most of us including women we have the opportunity to beautify ourselves by any means. My only regret is to have waited so long to get a makeover. Don’t make this mistake.”