Why Is It Impossible To Look Younger If You Are A Smoker?

Smoking has always been regarded as injurious to health. It causes many severe health issues and diseases, for instance, heart, lungs, and bone problems. It makes a person looks older than their actual age because it turns the beauty into darkness.

Let us put some light on how smoking makes you look older.

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Uneven Skin Tone:

Smoking kills beauty; that is why it is regarded as injurious. Nicotine in the tobacco produces less red blood cells, which changes the skin tone and results in the reduction of the healthy glow of the skin.

Nicotine also narrows the blood vessels and reduces the amount of oxygen from the skin cells, which causes skin dryness and dullness. The skin tone completely changes to an orange or gray tone, which makes a smoker look older than a non-smoker.

Smoking And Premature Wrinkles

Premature aging is one of the most common things seen in smokers. One study showed that heavy smokers were 4.5 times more likely to develop premature wrinkles than non-smokers. These wrinkles appear around the mouth that originate from tightening lips to pull in on a cigarette again and again.

Another kind of wrinkles that appear on the face are known as crow’s feet. These wrinkles appear around the eye. The wrinkles are common in all, but in smokers, these wrinkles are seen to develop much sooner than they develop in non-smokers. Collagen and elastin in the skin damage very early in smokers and is one of the biggest factors that smokers tend to develop premature wrinkles.

Smoking And Sagging Skin

Smoking can make you look awful. The chemicals present in tobacco harm not only your lungs, but they also affect your skin’s elasticity. The skin’s elasticity plays a magnetic role in keeping away fine lines and wrinkles. Tobacco loosens the elastic nature of the skin, causing the skin to hang loosely.

The sagging of the skin is usually seen underarms, upper arms, and breasts. Even secondhand smoking can make you develop wrinkles and loosen your skin.

Age Spots:

Age spots are brown, gray, or black color rashes or spots on the skin, usually on hands, arms, face, or those body parts which are exposed to the sun. But unfortunately, people who indulge themselves in direct smoking, they also suffer from these spots, which makes a person look older than the non-smoker.

As per the research of Bahman Guyuron, MD, of Case Western Reserve University, tobacco, and its byproducts can affect an individual’s body in different ways, but most importantly, it blemishes the appearance.

Smoking And Hair Loss:

People who are smoking on a regular note adds the hair loss problem to the list of other issues caused by smoking like heart and skin diseases. Smoking results in the poor circulation of blood flow, weakens the immune system, and damage hair hormones and follicles, which causes hair loss or even leads to baldness.

A survey report in the BMJ journal shows a significant and consistent association between smoking and hair loss, graying, and hair thinning. Another research conducted on the Taiwanese men shows that the person who smokes has a higher rate of hair loss than non-smokers because the restricted blood flow gives fewer nutrients to the hair than it requires.

Yellow Nails and Fingers:

Yellow nails and fingers depict that you are a smoker, or you used to smoke because smoking reduces the flow of blood circulation and blocks oxygen from reaching all body parts, which results in yellowish nails and fingers.

Cigarettes contain carbon monoxide and nicotine, which lessens many nutrients like Vitamin C, which helps to repair the damaged skin and protect it from further harms. Vitamin C is essential for skin regeneration and makes you look youthful. Therefore, a lack of this particular source can make a person look older than his age.

Damaged Teeth and Gums:

Beautiful and whitened teeth are the sign of attractiveness and increase self-confidence. But sadly, smoking kills this beauty and turns the teeth into yellow or brown color and also causes gum problems. People who are addicted to smoking are more likely to produce bacterial plaque or germs, which leads to gums disease.

The plaque further develops tartar and results in red or swollen gums, tooth loss, chewing problems, bleeding, sensitive teeth, and many more. The habit of regular smoking increases the amount of nicotine intake, which is notorious for our teeth and ends up with tooth discoloration and tooth decay, making an individual look unattractive and dirty.

Smoking And Skin Cancer

If a person smokes, the odds of squamous cell carcinoma (SSC) development increase by 52% than in no-smokers. SSC is amongst the most regular type of skin disease and frequently shows up on the lips of smokers. The toxins in cigarettes weaken the immune system, and this results in the low ability to fight against diseases.

The most common type of skin cancer is basal cell carcinoma, which is merely seen in smokers, but the other type of SSC has a very high ratio to be grown in smokers.


A cataract is cloudy areas that develop around the eye lens and interact with the vision causing it to get blur. A cataract is commonly developed as one age. It causes severe vision problems because it stops the light from reaching the retina.

The only adequate treatment for cataracts is surgery. Smoking increases the risk of developing a cataract. Researchers suggest smoking has a 3-fold increase in the possibility of developing nuclear cataracts.

Bags Under the Eyes

One of many other appearance flaws is the bags under the eyes. They make you look tired, stressed out, worn out, and much older than your age. These bags indicate the sign that you have not been sleeping well. Nicotine is the leading cause of insomnia. It makes your body age much faster than a non-smoker would usually age.


So, now you know what makes a smoker look older than a non-smoker. Not only your beauty but smoking also negatively impacts your body and mental processing, which produces an overall damaging effect on an individual’s health.

Sure, smoking causes problems but quitting it can also reverse back these issues and brings significant improvements in your health and skin. It will normalize the blood flow and the production of red blood cells, which will provide nutrients to all body parts and makes your skin look and feel healthy again. 











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